A serious company, for serious businesses

We are a pioneer Argentinean company in the manufacture of ecological liquid sulfide dyes

About us

Arsul was born in the year 1995 with the purpose of supplying the textile industry with high performance sulfide dyes, offering personalized attention that differentiates us, in a market that offers a constant challenge. We have the technical and human capacity to listen and interpret the needs of our clients, and thus develop customized solutions.

We are known for providing the customer with a quality service based on the premise of accompanying the negotiations with high-end products, set up by our technicians, with an important laboratory support, equipped with the latest technologies.

Our productive capacity allows us to respond to the demand of a changing market that needs immediate answers. We work with our clients to optimize production costs through improvements in productivity, quality and value processes.

We try to minimize the environmental impact of our activity, as well as add our contribution to a production chain that we are committed to making every day more sustainable. Thus, today we manufacture phenol-free products, we have a water reuse system and we are certified in the effective compliance of different national and provincial Environmental Safety regulations.

As professionals we accompany associations that are directly related to our work such as AAQCT, FLAQT, CARFA and INTI. In turn, we maintain an active participation in fairs and events always seeking to bring the latest news and trends.

To prove it and for you to verify it, we are at your disposal. Definitely, ARSUL S.R.L. It is a serious company for serious business.

Imagen de prueba
Imagen de prueba