We are an Argentine company pioneer in ecological liquid sulfur dyes and auxiliaries manufacture for the textile industry.

Arsul Factory and Laboratory

Our factory is the place where ideas become true. In the laboratory we work to create tailor-made products and test the results to achieve the quality that characterizes us. Once we find the right formula, the elaboration is carried out in containers where each of the components are mixed on a large scale. Finally, in the same building, we package the product ready for delivery.

Our values


With the customer's needs.

Team spirit

Cooperating and learning from each other.

Technical excellence and quality

In counselling and products.


To each other and to our customers.

Our history

The story of Arsul began almost by chance in the mid-1980s. José Luis Decurgez was working as a sales manager in an international company focused dyes production and José Tur was the manager of a cotton manufacturing plant. They knew each other as supplier and customer but over the years, despite changing jobs, they cultivated a friendship that continues to this day.

In the mid-1990s, with the idea of developing black sulfur to supply the domestic market, Arsul was born. José Luis headed the commercial area, José contributed his technical expertise to develop the appropriate manufacturing method and two other partners participated in production and administration. In 1995 it was decided to dissolve the company and Arsul, which was already registered and operated independently, was left in  José and José Luis hands, the current managing partners of the company.

The start-up was complicated, at that time the factory operated in a shared space and we did not have our own space to work in. In 1999 we moved to the Munro warehouse, which is still standing. We installed each pipe and each machine by ourselves. During 2001, with our own space, orders came in in dribs and drabs and Roberto, the freight forwarder, left with his truck once a week if we were lucky. We would sit drinking mate and looking at each other waiting for the phone to ring. But we never stopped betting on what we were doing. In a year and a half things started to improve and all the time we invested sowing a dry field with no possibility of seeing immediate results was worth it. The crisis helped us to strengthen our relationship and better understand our place in the market.

After years of hard work and some trips to Brazil, during which we began to make our way abroad, the dream came true: the building where Arsul operates today. We did not think it was going to happen and we made it. This would have been impossible without our work team, which improves every day thanks to our employees.

We are a family where love for what we do prevails.